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  • Graphene-coated glass coverslips (G-coverslips) provide the unprecedented built-in optical cell stimulation capability based on our GraMOS technology.  

  • G-coverslips act as external optical actuators: Cells cultured on G-coverslips are directly activated by G-coverslips exposed to light.

  • Optical stimulation via G-coverslips does not to interfere with either genetic make-up or structural integrity of cells. 

  • Cells on G-coverslips can be cultured for several weeks using standard cell culture protocols. 

  • G-coverslips were validated with the following cell types: HEK-293 cells, COS cells, CHO cells, primary murine hippocampal and cortical neurons, hIPSC-derived neurons, primary culture of neonatal rat ventricular cardiomyocytes, mouse embryonic stem cell–derived cardiomyocytes, hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes.

  • The biocompatibility of G-coverslips is truly exceptional.  It exceeds the biocompatibility of any other cell substrates with or without cell adhesion molecules.

Technical Specifications

  • Glass coverslips are made in Germany from high-quality chemically-resistant borosilicate glass D263M of the highest hydrolytic consistency in compliance with DIN ISO 8255.

  • These coverslips are high-precision coverslips with thickness No. 1.5H (an exceptionally accurate thickness of 170 μm ± 5 μm) which work perfectly with modern high-performance microscope objectives that are specifically designed to be used with cover glasses of a thickness of 170 μm.

  • Coverslips are available as Circles, Rectangles, and Squares.

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