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PhotonMaker Light System

PhotonMaker is an innovative 7-LED-based light system that can simultaneously deliver multiple individual wavelengths in desired temporal patterns.


  • The wavelength range from 398 nm to 700 nm

  • Integrated 7 individual LEDs with independent individual control of light intensity and temporal patterns

  • Capability for external TTL devices (e.g., microscope) to trigger individual channels

  • Built-in capability for individual channels to trigger up to 4 external devices (e.g., cameras, electrophysiology rig, perfusion system)

  • Software-based control with Intuitive user-friendly interface

  • The calibrated linear optical light intensity

  • Each color band provides on the order of a half a watt of optical power at the end of a liquid light guide.

  • No user alignment required comes factory aligned

  • The light output port has a built-in adapter for connection to microscopes through a standard 3-mm or 5-mm diameter liquid light guide.

  • Cost-effective


  • Designed for ALL-OPTICAL (optical cell activation – optical activity monitoring) studies

  • Works with optogenetic actuators

  • Works with GraMOS

  • TTL trigger inputs are provided for all eight sources for applications requiring fast (10 microseconds) switching.



Q & A

Designed for next-generation Microscopy

At NanoTools we are creating the break-through innovative approaches to optical microscopy and Drug Discovery screening platforms.


The concept of PhotonMaker was developed based on many years of communicating with scientists in the areas of Drug Discovery, High Throughput- and High Content Screening and different microscopy applications.

Our system allows scientists to apply several colors of light to the research sample simultaneously, opening up the ground-breaking possibilities in optical microscopy research.

Our PhotonMaker software provides intuitive fully configurable control of each individual LED channel.  The unique feature of PhotonMaker interface is that several or all 7 color channels can be configured to run either independently, sequentially or in parallel in multi-color mode.

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